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    Tubular Impact Tester

    ASTM D2794   ISO 6272

    Tubular Impact Tester

    Tubular Impact Test


    Product Description:

    Qualtech Products Industry Tubular Impact Tester is a precision impact test instrument to measure and evaluate the impact resistance of coatings on metal substrates.
    This Tubular Impact Tester is designed and engineered in accordance with international test standards, e.g.  ASTM D2794 (Standard Test Method for Resistance of Organic Coatings to the Effects of Rapid Deformation (Impact)), ISO 6272-1.

    To perform a Tubular Impact Test with the Tubular Impact Tester the coated specimen is placed face up in the Tubular Impact Tester. A specified impact head loaded with a certain weight then is dropped onto the specimen from a required fixed height. After the impact the deformation and the damage that possibly occurred during the Tubular Impact Test on the specimen and the coating on the specimen is being evaluated and compared for research and quality testing. The specimen is mounted on the die using a stable clamp mechanism to prevent the panel surface around the test area to be affected by the rapid deformation caused by the falling impact head.

    This professional Tubular Impact Tester is engineered in accordance with international test standards:

    ASTM D2794 – Tubular Impact Tester:

    • Impact Height: 0-40 inches
    • Impact Weight: 2lbs (pounds) × 2 pcs
    • Impact Head: Φ 0.625inches (Φ15.9mm)


    ISO 6272 – Tubular Impact Tester:

    • Impact Height: 0-100cm
    • Impact Weight: 1000g × 2 pcs
    • Impact Head: Φ20mm


    Tubular Impact Tester – Accessories:

    ASTM D2794 Tubular Impact Test

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