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Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Electric Rotary Crockmeter is an advanced Automatic Rotational Vertical Crockmeter with a large Color Touchscreen to instantly  determine the Color Fastness and the Color Staining of textiles and fabric samples subjected to Rotational Dry Rubbing or Rotational Wet Abrasion.

The Color Fastness Test is performed in the textile industry when dyeing fabrics and textiles. The Color Fastness indicates the resistance of colors to fade, to stain or to transfer from one fabric to another fabric by Rotary Dry Rubbing or Rotary Wet Rubbing. The Color Fastness is a direct indicator of the adhesive force of dye and the fiber of the fabric and is especially relevant in the clothing industry to determine the resistance of colors to washing, detergents, abrasion and light exposure in daily use of the clothing.

The Color Fastness Test is divided in three categories:

  • Abrasion Fastness
  • Wash Fastness
  • Light Exposure Fastness

The Color Fastness Test evaluates three main objectives:

  • Color Staining
  • Color Transfer
  • Color Fading

This professional Automatic Rotary Crockmeter is designed and engineered offering the newest microchip technology combined with a large Color Touchscreen Display, high-precision Speed Control, programmable number of automatic Test Cycles, advanced Constant Speed Technology, automatic Rotary Abrasion Test Program, included precision-engineered Abrasion Head, additional optional available precision-engineered Abrasion Heads, included calibrated Test Load, additional optional available precision-engineered Test Loads, an easy Abrasion Head Swap System, an easy Test Load Swap System, an easy Sample Mount System, user-friendly Menu Navigation, user-friendly application, user-friendly sample handling, high accuracy and high precision, an ergonomic design, reliable performance, longevity and much more.

The large Color Touchscreen Display presents a wide range of test data and test details for an advanced and automatic sample Color Fastness Test Analysis including the number of completed Abrasion Cycles, the number of preset Target Abrasion Cycles and much more.

This professional AATCC Electric Rotary Vertical Crockmeter is designed and engineered in accordance with international test standards including:

Electric Rotary Crockmeter - Features:

  • Newest Microchip Technology
  • Large Color Touchscreen Display
  • Instant Rotational Color Fastness Test
  • Advanced Constant Speed Technology
  • Instant Rotary Abrasion Test Program
  • Included precision-engineered Abrasion Head
  • Optional available precision-engineered Abrasion Heads available
  • Included calibrated Test Load
  • Optional available precision-engineered Test Loads available
  • Easy Sample Mount System
  • Easy Abrasion Head Swap System
  • User-friendly Application
  • User-friendly Sample Handling
  • High Accuracy & High Precision
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Reliable Performance & Longevity
  • Engineered in accordance with international test standards including AATCC 116, ISO 105-X16

Electric Rotary Vertical Crockmeter - Specifications:

Newest Microchip TechnologyYes
Large Color Touchscreen DisplayYes
Instant Rotary Color Fastness TestYes
Abrasion Head Diameter16 mm
Calibrated Test Load11.1 N, 1134g
Abrasion Head RotationAutomatic 1.125 clockwise / counterclockwise (automatically changes direction)
Precision Speed Control0 - 100 RPM
Programmable Abrasion Cycles0 - 99999
Automatic Test ProgramsYes
Easy Sample Mount SystemYes
Easy Abrasion Head Swap SystemYes
Easy Test Load Swap SystemYes
User-friendly Menu NavigationYes
User-friendly ApplicationYes
User-friendly Sample HandlingYes
High Accuracy & High RepeatabilityYes
Ergonomic DesignYes
Reliable Performance & LongevityYes
Voltage100VAC - 240VAC 50Hz/60Hz
Engineered in accordance with international test standards including AATCC 116, ISO 105-X16

AATCC Automatic Rotary Crockmeter – Included items:

  • Automatic Rotary Crockmeter
  • Nylon Abrasion Head
  • AATCC Cotton Cloth
  • Sandpaper
  • Ringholder
  • Accessories
  • Quality Certificate
  • Carefully Calibrated
  • Calibration Certificate
  • User manual
  • Extended Warranty

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