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    Spin Coater

    Spinner for Nanofilm Application

    Photolithography & Thin Polymer Film Application

    Spin Coating With Ease

    Spin Coater

    Product Description:

    Qualtech Products Industry precision Spin Coater is a professional polymer film application instrument to apply a uniform thin film or ultrathin polymer film onto flat samples and flat substrates, e.g. wafers, at the touch of a button.

    Spin Coating requires to apply a small amount of sample material at the center of the sample or substrate, e.g. wafer. During the application of the sample material the wafer is usually not in motion or it is spinning at a very low speed. After the application of the sample material onto the wafer the spinning speed increases to a high level to spread the coating or sample material across the surface of the wafer due to the increasing centrifugal force. The thickness of the applied film deposit depends on a variety of factors including the viscosity of the sample material, the concentration of the sample liquid and the spinning speed of the wafer.

    This professional Spin Coater is designed and engineered offering the newest microchip technology combined with a precision high performance motor, advanced precision sensors, a large LCD display for comfortable reading under different light conditions, user-friendly programming, user-friendly sample handling, a continuous speed control, high accuracy and high precision, reliable performance and an ergonomic design.

    This precision Spin Coater is ideal for a wide range of substrates including silicon wafers, ceramic wafers, glass panels and related materials and is used widely used to create thin films and ultrathin films with nanoscale thickness, e.g photolithography.

    This professional Spin Coater is designed and engineered in accordance with international test standards.

    Spin Coating

    Spin Coater – Features:

    • Newest Microchip Technology
    • Precision High Performance Motor
    • Advanced Vacuum System
    • Precision Sensors
    • Large LCD Display with Backlight for comfortable reading under different light conditions
    • User-friendly Programming
    • User-friendly Sample Handling
    • Easy Cleaning
    • Ideal for a wide range of substrates
    • Wafer Diameter from 15 mm – 100 mm
    • High Accuracy & High Precision
    • Reliable Performance & Ergonomic Design

    Spin Coating Polymer Films

    Spin Coater – Specifications:

    Newest Microchip Technology & Highest Accuracy
    Spinning Speed Range25 - 7,999 RPM
    Speed Accuracy±1 RPM
    Speed Repeatability<0.5 RPM
    Spin Acceleration0 - 39,999 RPM/Sec
    Acceleration Time Range1 - 99.9 Sec
    Spin Coating Time Range1 - 999.9 Sec
    Vacuum Pump Performance92 L/min
    Sample Size10 - 100 mm
    Advanced Vacuum Wafer Holder System for Increased Safety & User-friendly Application
    High Accuracy & High Precision
    Reliable Performance & Ergonomic Design

    Spin Coater – Accessories:

    Epoxy AccessoryIdeal to inject Epoxy & glue droplets
    Epoxy DispenserIdeal to dispense Epoxy and glue
    Epoxy HolderHolder to conveniently mount the Epoxy Dispenser
    Vacuum PumpAdvanced Vacuum Pump
    Vacuum TurntableIdeal in combination with the advanced vacuum pump

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