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Automatic Film Applicator

Automatic Thin Film Applicator


Automatic Film Applicator

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Automatic Film Applicator  (Automatic Vacuum Film Applicator) is an electronic and motor driven film applicator to conveniently and precisely apply coatings onto sample surfaces and test charts ensuring highest repeatability.
This precision Automatic Film Applicator is designed and engineered offering the newest microchip technology combined with a vibration damping design, a large LCD display with backlight for comfortable reading of test parameters and user-friendly programming, comfortable soft touch buttons, continuously and calibrated selectable draw down speed with a range from 5 – 100 mm/sec and selectable carriage travel distances with auto stop to ensure a convenient and efficient film application.

The precision engineered vacuum plate ensures highest accuracy and repeatability based on its highly smooth surface which is supported by a high level of hardness offering durability, reliability and longevity combined with a vibration damping design. The vacuum plate is smoother than glass plates in comparison.

This Automatic Film Applicator is designed and engineered suitable to match with a wide range of different film applicators including micrometer adjustable film applicators, bird type applicators, wire bar coaters and many more offering the flexibility to best meet your test requirements and the large vacuum plate with a  size of 360 mm x 250 mm offers more flexibility fitting with even larger samples.

This precision Automatic Vacuum Film Applicator is the ideal instrument to evaluate coatings under controlled condition with a high repeatability.

This professional Automatic Vacuum Film Applicator is used in a wide range of different industries for research and quality management including the paint industry, cosmetic industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and many more.

One of the main advantages of this Automatic Film Applicator is to enable the expert to conveniently apply precision coatings and films onto sample surfaces at the touch of a button ensuring consistent, accurate and repeatable results preventing application errors that might occur during manual film applications.

This precision Automatic Film Applicator is designed and engineered in accordance with International Test Standards including:

Automatic Vacuum Film Applicator – Features:

  • Newest microchip technology to ensure high accuracy and high repeatability
  • Efficient film application at the touch of a button
  • Large LCD display with backlight for comfortable reading of test parameters
  • Comfortable soft touch buttons for user-friendly programming
  • Real time monitoring of film application parameters
  • Larger vacuum test plate offers more flexibility with larger samples
  • Continuously and calibrated adjustable carriage speed
  • Conveniently select the preferred carriage travel distance
  • Conveniently adjust the test loads
  • Advanced mechanical design
  • User-friendly and ergonomic design
  • User-friendly design to easily switch between different film applicators
  • Vibration damping design

Automatic Film Applicator – Advantages:

  • Continuously adjustable and calibrated carriage speed: 5 – 100 mm/sec
  • High precision ball bearings combined with a direct current motor for high stability and high accuracy
  • Ergonomic designed brackets, user-friendly & conveniently to add or change loads
  • Precision engineered high quality vacuum plate to ensure a high level of hardness and a smoother surface for higher accuracy and high repeatability
  • Variable carriage starting point, conveniently set the starting point of the applicator, offering more flexibility with different sample sizes
  • Designed to work with a large range of different film applicators, e.g. wire bar coaters, small film applicators, micrometer adjustable applicators and many more
  • Large LCD display with backlight for comfortable reading under different light conditions
  • Built-in Memory to save carriage speeds and test parameters
  • Real-time monitoring of application speed and test parameters
  • Comfortable Soft Touch Buttons

Automatic Vacuum Film Applicator – Specifications:

Draw Down Speed5 - 100 mm/sec (continuously adjustable & calibrated speed)
Draw Down Lengthconveniently select from 4 travel distances, the longest is 250 mm
Draw Down Vacuum Bed360 mm x 250 mm
Carriage Holder Weight1.5 kg (alternatively choose 2 kg or 2.5 kg)
Power Supply110 Volts 60Hz or 220 Volts 50Hz
Vibration Damping Design
High Accuracy & High Repeatability
Reliable Performance & Ergonomic Design

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