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Gardner Color Comparator

Gardner Color Comparator with Illuminant C

ASTM D1544 ISO 4630 AOCS Method Td 1a

Expert Color Analysis


Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Gardner Color Comparator with Illuminant C is designed and engineered to evaluate and test transparent liquid samples such as drying fatty oils, varnishes, fatty acids, solvents, polymerized fatty acids, oil derivatives and resins to determine contamination, impurities, production inconsistencies or excessive weathering conditions.
Reliable and accurate Gardner Color Comparison is essential for research and quality management to ensure consistent production standards.

This professional Gardner Color Comparator offers 18 different Color Standards in the range from 1.0 to 18 for the evaluation of samples and for accurate color difference readings.
This precision Gardner Color Comparator offers a reliable design and is user-friendly combined with an Illuminant with C band wavelength to ensure precision and high accuracy.
This Color Comparator is reliable and easy to use presenting the test samples side-by side with Color Standards or other samples for comparision in one image for easy and accurate color evaluation and precise color matching.

This Color Gardner Comparator with Illuminant C complies with International Testing Standards, e.g. ASTM D1544 (Standard Test Method for Color of Transparent Liquids (Gardner Color Scale)), ISO 4630, AOCS Method Td 1a.

Gardner Color Comparator – Specifications:

  • Color Standards: 18 different Color Standards in the range from 1.0 – 18
  • Sample Holders: Colorless and transparent glass tubes, cuvettes
  • Illuminant: Illuminant with C band wavelength
  • Sample and Color Standards are side-by-side in one image for easy and accurate sample evaluation and color matching
  • User-friendly & Reliable Design

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