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    Gas Chromatograph

    Product Description:

    Qualtech Products Industry Gas Chromatograph is a precision analytical instrument to separate and analyze compounds in a sample which can be vaporized without decomposition to separate different components of a sample, to evaluate the purity of a sample, to identify a component of a sample or to extract a component of a sample at the touch of a button.

    This professional Gas Separator offers the newest microchip technology to ensure high accuracy and high precision and combines a mobile phase (carrier gas) with a stationary phase (microscopic layer of the sample) to analyze, evaluate and identify the different compounds of a sample. The interaction of the mobile phase with the stationary phase causes each component of a sample to elute after a specific time (retention time). Comparing the measured Retention Times of the components of a sample to known Retention Times indicates and identifies the composition of a sample.

    This advanced Gas Chromatography System offers the newest microchip technology combined with a precision dual temperature control system with six temperature sensors, user-friendly menu-navigation and programming, user-friendly sample handling, large LCD display with backlight, real-time monitoring, real-time feedback, high-sensitivity for trace analysis, high-speed multi-core data processing, reliable performance, ergonomic design, high accuracy, energy saving.

    This professional Gas-Liquid Partition Chromatography System (GLPC) is designed and engineered in accordance with international test standards.

    Gas Chromatograph – Features:

    • Newest Microchip Technology
    • Engineered in accordance with international test standards
    • Analyze & Evaluate & Identify the components of samples at the touch of a button
    • High-Sensitivity Trace Analysis
    • Wide range of application including ECD, FID, FPD, NPD, TCD
    • Advanced Precision Dual-Temperature Control System with 6 Temperature Sensors
    • Requires only a sample volume to complete an analysis
    • High-speed-multi-core data processing
    • Large Color LCD Display with backlight for comfortable reading
    • User-friendly Menu Navigation
    • Easy Programming
    • Real-Time Monitoring & Feedback
    • Automatic Error Detection & Alarm
    • Integrated Safety Features
    • Convenient & User-friendly Sample Handling
    • Eco-Friendly & Energy Saving
    • High Accuracy & High Precision
    • Reliable Performance & Ergonomic Design

    Gas Chromatography System – Specifications:

    Temperature RangeFID: RT+6°C - 400°C
    TCD: RT+6°C - 400°C
    Temperature Accuracy±0.1°C
    SensitivityFID: Mt ≤3×10-12 g/s
    TCD: ≥8000 / mg
    ECD: Mt≤1 × 10-13g / ml
    FTP: Mt≤1.4 × 10-12g / s (P)
    FTP: Mt≤5 × 10-11g / s (S)
    NPD: Mt≤5 × 10-13g / s (P)
    NPD: Mt≤1 × 10-12g / s (N)
    Drift:FID: ≤1 × 10-13A / 30min
    TCD: ≤100uV / 30min
    ECD: ≤50uV / 30min
    FPD: ≤50uV / 30min
    NPD: ≤4 × 10-12A / 30min
    Measurement NoiseFID: ≤3 × 10-14A
    TCD: ≤20uV
    ECD: ≤15uV
    FPD: ≤2 × 10-12A
    NPD: ≤4 × 10-10A

    Linear RangeFID: ≥108
    TCD: ≥104
    ECD: ≥104
    FPD: ≥103 (P)
    FPD: ≥102 (S)
    NPD: 103 (P)
    NPD: ≥103 (N)
    Temperature ControlDual-Temperature Control System with 6 Temperature Sensors
    User-friendly Menu Navigation & Programming
    User-friendly Sample Handling
    High-speed Multi-core Data Processing
    High-Sensitivity Trace Analysis
    Wide range of application including ECD, FID, FPD, NPD, TCD
    High Precision & High Accuracy
    Eco-friendly & Longevity
    Reliable Performance & Ergonomic Design

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